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The College of Arts is one of the leading colleges that coincided with the establishment of Al-Maaqal University in 2020. Registering at the Department of English for both morning and evening classes was in the same year of establishment, and the registration at the Media Department was postponed for administrative and technical reasons. Since its establishment, the college has been actively seeking to attract highly experienced and qualified teaching staff, including retirees, as well as a group of young, competent holders of PhD and MA degrees. This is in pursuit of two strategic goals: to meet the job market with a young workforce of qualified graduates armed with high-level experience and skills and to engage with diverse segments of the community by producing a scholarly discourse that contributes to the intellectual and cultural development of society while playing an informative role. Registration in the Media Department began in the academic year 2022-2023 after fulfilling the department’s requirements with highly qualified teaching staff from Iraq and Arab countries (Egypt and Lebanon) who excel in the field, along with well-equipped technical laboratories. However, the Radio and Television Department aims to play a significant role in instilling the belief in media responsibility within our societies, upholding freedom of opinion and expression. It aspires to graduate highly competent individuals with unparalleled proficiency in both visual and auditory media, in addition to operating and preparing programs for these media channels.

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